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With our online assistance you can plan the perfect design and placement and breathe life into your ideas. You will find all the necessary information to complete your product right here.

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Here at Creative Touch Embroidery, we have over 20,000 designs you can choose from. So, no matter what you’re looking for, chances are we have it. If you don’t find a design you like, you just need to email us the design you want. If the design you send us is not already in a stitch format, it takes less than 24 hours to have it done. There is an additional charge for this service. Contact us, and we’ll give you an estimate before ordering.
For the lettering, we have many fonts to choose from. Or you can send us an example, and we’ll have it created. Just remember, there’s an additional charge to do this. There are 2 types of font stitching. One is the satin stitch. This is the most common. It’s where the thread goes from one side to the other with no stitches in between. So there’s a smooth shiny look to it. The other is called the Fill stitch. This is where a pattern is stitched inside the lettering to fill it in solid. There are more stitches to the fill stitch; therefore the cost is more than the satin stitch. So, depending on the size of lettering, satin stitches may not work. Again, we can figure this out before hand.
Creative Touch has a large variety of colors of thread. Just take a look at the thread chart and see for yourself. We do not have a limit or charge extra on how many colors you need. If you are requesting a special color, and you have the pantone number, we do ask for a 24 piece minimum. Otherwise, there is no minimum.
Embroidery can be done pretty much anywhere on your apparel. There may be an additional charge, if we need to take the apparel apart and put it back together. Contact us with any questions.
If you’re having hats done, we can embroider the front, back and sides. Sizing for the front can not be taller than 2 ¼ inches tall. Some limitations apply to the back and side of the hats, depending on the type of hat you want.
For an estimate please feel free to contact us. I’ll be more than happy to explain it in more detail.

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Screen Printing

Screen Printing is perfect for promotional items. It doesn’t cost as much as embroidery, so you can give out more advertising products for the money.
In some cases printing is preferred over Embroidery. For example, T-shirts look better screen printed as T-shirts are a thinner fabric and embroidered stitches will sometimes pucker the fabric over time with washings.
Screen Printing lasts just as long as Embroidery.
However, you can only have up to 6 colors with screen printing. There’s a one time set up fee per color. Contact us, and we’ll give you some prices.
There’s a large variety of colored ink. Check them out. There’s neon, metallic, glittered, reflective, even glow in the dark.
The artwork needed for screen printing is different from embroidery. Each color has to be separated from the other colors. Each color has its own screen made.
If you had a graphic designer do your artwork, they’ll know what needs to be done. If you didn’t, we can do it for you for an hourly charge.
Placement of screen printing on apparel, is pretty much open to what ever your needs are. They can’t do certain fabrics, so if you have something special in mind, contact us with any questions.

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